Individual Psychotherapy
We work together to both identify and overcome blocks that stand in the way of both your growth as an individual and your meaningful interactions with others in your life.

Couples Relational Therapy
Using an eclectic model this experiential process not only reduces couple distress by addressing the varied and specific attachment needs of the individuals, but also helps members to respond more effectively to emotional, sexual, and domestic needs.

Small Groups
A weekly meeting of 6 – 10 members. This laboratory gives members a chance to work together to develop and practice strategies for deeper and more fulfilling connection to their individual inner selves while expanding their capacity to relate to others.

——- Looking for members for a new- over 50 gay men’s group—12 weeks
——- Looking for members– Multiple Couples Therapy Group- gay and straight

Workshops are short -term psycho-educational group training experiences that range in length from 3 hours to one day and can get tailored to your needs. For example “Stress Reduction in the Workplace” is a 90-minute experiential program geared toward the general population that has been presented as part of EAP programming as several large New York City businesses. A workshop developed for professionals that was launched at the GLBT Center in New York called “An Integrative Model for Working with Same-Sex Couples” was recently tailored for therapists in Israel and was called “ Relationship under Renovation: Utilizing a Queer Perspective to Redraws Models of Coupling in the 21st Century’ because it included my work with straight couples.
The latest workshop in development consists of different didactic and experiential modules that can be customized to run from one hour to one day and is geared toward professionals who work with the body who want to expand or deepen their present practice.