Representative Speaking Engagaments

Relationship Under Renovation: A New Model of Coupling fo the 21st Century – Tel Aviv, Israel

Clinical Work with Couples: What Straight Couple Can Learn from Gay Couples and Gay Couples can Learn from Straight Couple. The Counseling and Education Workshop Series for Professionals. The LGBT Center of New York.

Accesssing your Mental Health and EAP Benefits. An EAP training for CIGNA members, various corporations-including Hearst Magazines, Philip Morris.

Stress Reduction, Mental Health and the Work Place.
Experiential EAP workshop presented for employees includes Satchi and Satchi, NY Teachers Union.

Psychotherapy under Managed Care: Keeping up with the Times. Short term consultation administration and staff-Postgraduate Center for Mental Health. NY.

HIV Negative and Positive Men-Together. Panelist on “Inside-OUt”. Gay Cable Network.

Education is Not enough: A model of HIV Prevention that Incorporates Cultural. social and Emotional Aspects of Sexual transmission. Invitational session, 10th annual conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS, New Orleans, LA.

Therapeutic Recration Programming with Expressive Therapies for the Chronically Ill. Middle Atlantic Health Conference, Atlantic City NJ.

Bereavement and Grief: Special Challenges for Mental Health Professionals. AIDS/SIDA Mental Health Project, New York University, NY.

An Integrated Approach to AIDS Prevention Featuring Time-Limited Group Work. National Gay and Lesbian Health Conference, Seattle.

AIDS Prevention for the Second Decade: Survival Strategies for Creating a Future. Invitational intensive day workshop at The 8th Social Work and HIV/AIDS Conference, Atlanta, GA.

The Ongoing Effects of AIDS. Gay Pride Rally. NY, NY.

The Clinical Picture of HIV Negative Gay Men. National Gay and Lesbian Health Conference. LA, California.

Applying a Group Model to Youth at Risk. Workshop for teachers and principals, “Children from the Shadows: Youth at Risk” University of Conn., Hartford.

The Growing Needs of Uninfected Men. CNN interview, NY.

Gay and Lesbian Clients with Chronic Mental Illness: A Group Approach. National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference, New Orleans, LA.