About Steven

aboutI have been working in the field of mental health for over 30 years. During my career, I have integrated expertise in psychotherapy( MSW, PhD) and expressive art therapies (MA) to create a private practice that is equal parts men and women, straight and gay, and individuals and couples work. I have taught in graduate programs in mental health, education and social work, the last ten years of which have been at both NYU and Hunter School of Social Work. Over the decades, I have been a frequent speaker at conferences (see presentations), and published my experiences and research in HIV prevention, developing groups for special populations, and couples therapy (see publications). Currently, I am writing my second book, based on my research and practice experience with varied types of couples. It is an exploration of what gay couples can learn from straight couples and what straight couples can learn from gay couples as we evolve a vision of relationships for the 21st century. Before venturing into the world of psychotherapy, I had an early career as an actor. My passion for understanding the human mind and human relationships sent me on a quest for new meaning and a new career, first as a drama therapist, then as a social worker, and finally as a psychotherapist. All this prior experience, which still informs my work today, led me first to an MA in Education, then to an MSW, and eventually to a PhD in Social Work. I maintain offices in the Greenwich Village and the Flatiron district of Manhattan.

Steven’s cutting edge book on “survival” was years ahead of its time, and continues to contribute to the literature. Dr. Ball is seen as a leader by professional colleagues in the field where he readily shares his substantive expertise.
Dr. Paul Ephross
Professor at University of Maryland School of Social Work